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Story time.

Would you believe them, these tales and fables?! Characters from Rhyme and verse, from books diverse.


"I enjoy exploring the emotional humanistic content I perceive in animals, their personalities, as well as their relationship and integration with people and our changing, natural environment.

I am currently busy with monumental bronze sculptures, Iconic images, with timeless subjects from literature and mythology.

Animal sculptures, owls and birds become characters in stories. 
Personalities, and symbols that are international and cross-cultural with varying interpretations."

inspired by
-Jules Verne-

Sprinting Hare  
The Race is on 
Ever sprinting
Never there 
Inspired by
-Aesops' Fable- 

Bronze sculptures for interiors, on my favourite themes;

Bronze Works from my collection

Birds and the Feathered kind
Large Upright owl.jpg
Animal Characters
Underwater World
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