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Eagle Owls on infinity maquette

Double Owls on infinity maquette Edition: /12
Size: 33h x 15b x 44d cm

Hunting Swallow

Hunting Swallow in flight. Bronze. Size: 28l/13b/43h (cm) upon its patinated stainless steel box. size; 13/13/15h (cm)


Pearl Spotted Owl 2. Bronze. Edition 2/15.Interactive sculpture. Size: 12/10/15h (cm) Available on order

Kingfisher on a Twig

Kingfisher on twig Edition: /12
Size: 41h x 12b x30l cm

Available on order.


Wood Owl. That shy little fellow that is more often heard than seen... Bronze, Edition 3/12 Size; 12/31/63h (cm) mounted upon its patinated stainless steel box. Size 45/13/10h (cm).


Pearl Spotted owl. Bronze. Size: 31l/ 13w/ 28H mounted upon its patinated stainless steel Base 20L/14w/ 3.5h (cm).


The Tale of Eagle Owl and Robin. Bronze. Edition 2 /12. Size; 80L/50W/124H (cm) mounted upon its patinated stainless plinth 40/40/90H (cmOn top of its patinated stainless steel base of; 15/15/12h(cm)

scops owl

Scops Owl. Bronze. Edition/12. Size: 12/13/35h (cm) Weight; 6.2kg. Mounted upon its patinated stainless steel plinth, size: 13/13/8.5h (cm) 

flight of sunbirds

Flight of sunbirds Edition: /5
Size: 36h x15b x 47l cm


Edition: /8
Size: 25l x15b x 30h cm

guinea fowl

Guineafowl. Foweep...Foweep...Foweeeep Edition 2/12 Size; 42L/ 20b/ 36H. Bronze with a natural blue fumed patina. Mounted loosely to swivel upon a pin and pick up off of its base. The reflective, round, chromed, steel base has a circumference 20cm/ 4H (cm)


Spotted Eagle Owl, that wise old fowl Bronze on stainless steel. 
Bronze: 31/30/55(h)cm Base: 35/35/8(h)cm Edition 12 

little barn owl

Little Barn Owl Maquette. Bronze. 8/8/20.5h (cm) Edition 1/15. Mounted upon its patinated stainless steel base. Size: 8/8/10h (cm)

dodo bust 

Dodo Bust Edition: /8
Size: 22l x16b x 69h cm mounted upon patinated stainless steel base 15B/22L/66h (cm) 

Paradise Flycatcher

Paradise Flycatcher

Bronze. Edition 4/12. Mounted upon its Patinated stainless steel base. Size; 40h/25/30 (cm)

Hello, hello...What an elegant fellow.

Baboon sitting in thought, silver roses on the breeze, in his African vineyard, on his African farm, upon a full moon night. What a beautiful yearn?

Baboon on the Moon. Bronze. Size; 50h/13b/30l (cm) mounted upon a patinated stainless steel plinth 22/20/8h (cm).

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