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tall standing octopus maquette


Tall Standing Octopus Maquette, mounted upon its patinated stainless steel base. Bronze, Size; 33L/ 30B/ 47h (cm) Base size:30/30/10h
Edition 2/12

crocodile maquette

Crocodile maquette, with his new patina.'Time is of the essence." Bronze. Edition 2/12. Tick Tock. Size 43/33/27 cm on his patinated stainless steel base 21/21/10h

Now available in the studio

 seahorse Maquette


8/14/35h mounted upon patinated stainless steel base 10/10/10 (cm) 

little flying hippo maquette

Little Flying Hippo Maquette. Such a flippant, frolicking, female Hippopotamus. Edition 5/15 Bronze. Size; l/b/h 15/23/30(cm) mounted upon her patinated stainless steel base size; 15/15/8 (cm)

 The North West Wind

Little Goddess Maquette, Bronze. Ed /15
Size; 23/10/30H. Swiveling on its Pin of 10cm. On top of its patinated stainless steel base of; 15/15/12h(cm)

large flying hippopotamus maquette

The Large Flying Hippopotamus maquette. In anticipation of a life-size Hippo.

Bronze. Size; 50/32/75h(cm) mounted upon its patinated stainless steel box,

Size; 40/40/15h (cm)

Edition 4/12

Now available in the studio.

Bee drawing

fish 1.

 Fish1. Copper Nickel

13/36/50h (cm) mounted on top of optic crystal base 40/20/3h (cm).

Currently Available in the studio.

 fish 2

Fish 2. Bronze with a natural fumed patina. Edition /15.

10/15/19h (cm) 

Mounted upon patinated Copper plate. Available on order.

leaping mullet


Leaping Mullet

Bronze.40/33/23h mounted upon platinated stainless steel base 40/20/3.5h (cm)

Available in the studio.

Large seahorses

Large Seahorses

Bronze.Size; 1.48m and 1.28m H. Mounted upon their patinated stainless steel plate. Edition /9.

Available on order.

Also available in Copper Nickel, on order.

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