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The Studio Gallery

Stephen's sculpture studio is an intimate, historical venue at 44 Church Street, the top of the road, filled with beautiful, poetic works of sculpture in bronze and the artists original drawings.The building dates back to 1804.


The venue is classically furnished and is in keeping with the buildings victorian theme. This sets a regal stage for his limited edition sculpture works.


It does require a bit of time to browse. 


His broad body of sculpture work in timeless bronze derives inspiration from nature, stories, literature, mythology and rhyme, with classical portraiture for good measure and the rare classical nude.


The sculptures are unusual, original, and their sizes range from miniature-sized bronze pieces to monumental out-door garden works.


Well worth a visit, for the discerning collector.

Studio Gallery is situated at 44 Church Street in sunny Stellenbosch, South Africa. The Studio Gallery can be seen on the Stellenbosch Museum side of Church Street, backing onto the beautiful, well-kept Stellenbosch Museum garden.


The Studio Gallery is curated and owned by Stephen and his lovely Italian wife Barbara.

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See more of my portfolio

To view more of my sculpture work , with portfolio archives over the past twelve years, please also view my Wordpress blog:

Figurative sculptures


Available on order

Landscape of Her Dreams
Available on order

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